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Take you to know the winding mat
- 2019-06-17-

Metal-wound gasket is a kind of sealing gasket which is widely used at present. It is a good gasket for resilience in semi-metal close-fitting mat. It is made of V-shaped or W-shaped thin steel strip and various fillers alternately wound. High temperature, high pressure and adapt to the conditions of ultra-low temperature or vacuum. By changing the data combination of the gasket, it can deal with the chemical corrosion of various media to the gasket. The structural density can be made according to the different locking force requirements. The main body and precise positioning, the winding gasket is provided with a metal inner reinforcing ring and an outer positioning ring, and the steel ring in the watch is used to control the large pressing degree of the zui, and the surface precision of the flange sealing surface contacting the gasket is not high.

The metal-wound gasket with excellent resilience can actively adjust the pressure thermal cycle and vibration of the pipeline system, especially suitable for occasions where the load is uneven, the joint force is easy to relax, the temperature and pressure are periodically changed, and there is impact or sensation. It is a static sealing original for flanges at valves, pumps, heat exchangers, towers, manholes, hand holes, etc. It is widely used in petrochemical, machinery, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medicine, atomic energy and aerospace.

Metal gasket information

It is made of imported stainless steel and high carbon steel and brass. It is made by heat treatment and finish grinding. It has the characteristics of high precision, strong pulling force, good finish, toughness and not easy to break. Among them, the raw materials of high carbon steel have a certain elasticity. The information on stainless steel is that the toughness is very good and it is not easy to break.

The use of metal gaskets

The use of metal gaskets: for electronic equipment, mold making, precision machinery, hardware parts, mechanical parts, stamping parts, hardware production. This product can be used to deal with machine maintenance problems when the mold is repaired, the mold is measured for voids, and when it is shaken and unstable due to mechanical aging. The sealing effect in the flange connection is also a great use for metal gaskets.

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