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Metal winding gasket production process analysis
- 2019-03-29-

        Tip: The metal-wound gasket is made of coiled steel and graphite. The production process is not very messy, but the product quality is the customer of the certification.

Metal wound gasket manufacturing process, metal coiled gasket is wound on a special coiler. The coiling machine is processed according to the precision of the machine tool and consists of a main machine, a feed system, a gas source and a control system. The special motor is selected, the metal winding gasket manufacturing process has no inertia, and can be parked instantaneously; the spindle speed can be adjusted in 4th gear, so that the gaskets of different diameters can be coiled at adjacent linear speeds; the dispatching hand wheel can change the position of the pressing wheel to Adapt to the coil diameter of different gauge gaskets.

The feed system consists of a wheel train bracket and a belt pulley, a transition wheel, a guide wheel, a packing reel and a forming metal reel coupled thereto via a movable rocker arm, and has the same positioning reference with the pinch wheel to ensure The wheels are located in the same central plane.

The metal winding gasket manufacturing process gas source is attacked by the air compressor, passes through the filter pressure reducing valve to the electromagnetic reversing valve, and then passes through the pressure regulating valve to the cylinder propulsion piston and the pressing wheel coupled to the piston rod, thereby compressing the seizure force. Metal entangled gasket manufacturing process The tangential tensile force of the metal strip is controlled by the conflicting moment of the electromagnetic clutch coupled to the steel reel, controlled by the dispatch controller to supply the excitation voltage of the electromagnetic clutch, and the controller is provided with multi-step excitation voltage attenuation. Coefficients can be selected as needed.

Metal wound gasket manufacturing process gasket winding process, the scale is measured online by displacement sensor. The metal-wound gasket manufacturing process sensor converts the displacement of the spacer width into a corresponding voltage signal, which is sent to the controller's top-level preset zero point and appears, and compared with the two set values, when reaching one of the settings When the value is set, the relay acts to release the contactor, the motor stops, and then the automatic control gasket winding width is completed.

The above is the entire content of the metal winding gasket production process analysis.