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What is the market development prospect of metal wound gaskets?
- 2019-03-29-

Definition of gasket: The gasket is made of paper, rubber sheet or copper sheet and placed between the two planes to strengthen the sealing material. In order to avoid fluid leakage, the sealing element is disposed between the static sealing surfaces.

Metal-wound gasket is a kind of gasket which is widely used at present. It is a gasket with good resilience in semi-metal gasket. It is made of V-shaped or W-shaped thin steel strip and various fillers. High temperature, high pressure and the use of ultra-low temperature or vacuum conditions, after changing the material combination of the gasket, can solve the chemical corrosion problem of various media on the gasket, and its structural density can be made according to different locking force requirements, to strengthen The main body and precise positioning, the inner gasket is provided with a metal inner reinforcing ring and an outer positioning ring, and the steel ring in the watch is used to control the large compression degree, and the outer surface precision of the flange sealing surface touched by the gasket is not high.

1, non-metallic gasket: non-texture soft, corrosion-resistant, cheap, but poor resistance to Wenwen pressure. It is mostly used for flange sealing of medium and low pressure vessels or pipes with medium temperature and medium temperature.

Non-metallic gaskets include rubber mats, asbestos mats, asbestos rubber mats, flexible graphite mats, and Teflon mats.

2. Metal gasket: A gasket made of metal such as steel, aluminum, copper, nickel or Monel.

Metal gaskets include: octagonal metal gaskets, elliptical metal gaskets, toothed gaskets, lock washers

3. Semi-metal gasket: A gasket made of metal and non-metal materials.

Semi-metallic gaskets include: basic wrap gasket, outer ring wrap gasket, inner ring wrap gasket, and inner ring wrap gasket.

The products of the production enterprises with sound and effective operation of the quality management system are selected. From now on, the media activities pass through the interface between the inner and outer space, that is, the sealing surface leaks. The metal wound gasket is surrounded by metal as its name suggests, so it must be optimistic before selection. The metal-wound gasket of what kind of posture is required by itself, the process of modern production of the surrounding gasket is complicated because of the standard model size. The outer surface of the gasket is not allowed to have any defects such as scratches, open spaces, unevenness and rust spots that affect the sealing function. When the temperature and pressure change periodically, there is impact or vibration, but the metal strip cannot be exposed, then the leakage occurs, and the ring metal is produced together. Spiral gaskets require a certain degree of standard requirements, and the process of modern production around the gasket is complicated by the size of the standard model.

Application pressure: ≤300Mpa large processing scale: 2800mm; special standard or various non-standard products can be manufactured according to your requirements, the process of modern production around the gasket is complicated due to the standard model size, the application pressure: ≤300Mpa large processing scale : 2800mm; special standards or various non-standard products can be manufactured according to your requirements. The process of modern production of surrounding gaskets is complicated by the standard model size.