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Ningbo Pengnuo Sealing Material Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sale of various static sealing products. Our sealing products are available in various gaskets (winding mats, automotive cylinder mats, graphite high-strength mats, PTFE-coated mats, octagonal mats, elliptical mats, asbestos rubber mats, etc.); various sealing packings and packings (graphite discs) Root, black PTFE packing, carbon fiber packing, asbestos PTFE packing, aramid packing, ramie packing, white PTFE packing, graphite cloth, expanded PTFE belt, graphite corrugated belt, etc.; sealing sheet (graphite coil, graphite composite board, asbestos rubber sheet, non-asbestos rubber sheet, etc.) various packing rings (graphite packing ring, PTFE packing ring, asbestos packing ring, aramid packing ring, etc.), PTFE product series (tetrafluoro-plate, PTFE rod, PTFE gasket, PTFE packing, etc.), glass fiber series (glass fiber tape, glass fiber cloth, glass fiber rope, etc.), asbestos series (asbestos board, asbestos tape, asbestos cloth) , asbestos rope, asbestos packing, etc.) and ceramic fiber series (ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber ribbon, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber rope, etc.). Our products are widely used in the petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, food, aerospace and automotive industries. In addition to sales in the domestic market (such as PetroChina, Sinopec), our products are also exported to the United States, Colombia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Greece, Austria, the Philippines, India, Singapore and Malaysia.