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Metal spiral gasket production process
- 2019-03-29-

When we produce metal-wound gaskets , we must first fix the inner ring tightly on the wrap-around machine, weld the first end and the inner ring of the steel strip with a welder, and then join the non-metallic strip after three turns. At the end of the trip, the same non-metallic strip was first intercepted, and after the steel strip was continuously wound for three turns, the steel strip was cut and tightly spot welded.

When producing the basic metal wound gasket, it is first necessary to select a suitable core, and fix the steel strip and the core into the surrounding mat manufacturing machine. When the steel strip is wound to the second ring, according to the metal wound gasket Production requires strict spot welding, and then participate in non-metallic belts. At the end of the surrounding line, the same metal-wound gasket is produced. First, the non-metallic strip is blocked. After the steel strip is continuously wound for three times, the steel strip is cut and tightly spot-welded.

The basic metal wound gasket is formed by the "V" metal strip and the non-metal strip overlapping each other continuously. The metal strip and the non-metal strip should be closely adhered, the layer is uniform, and there are no defects such as wrinkles and voids. When the basic metal wound gasket is surrounded, there shall be no less than three metal strips for the initial winding and the final winding, and the non-metallic strip shall not be filled between the rings.

After the metal-wound gasket is spot-welded at the end of the basic metal-wound gasket, the metal belt should be continuously wrapped around the outer ring for 1.5 to 2 turns to adjust the clearance and positioning when the outer ring is installed. The empty metal strip is not calculated in the outer diameter of the gasket. Within the value.

There should be a mounting clearance of 0.5 to 1.5 mm between the metal wound gasket and the basic metal wound gasket, a smaller value for the large diameter metal wound gasket, and a larger value for the small diameter metal wound gasket. The number of inner and outer solder joints of the basic metal wound gasket shall comply with the requirements of Table 1, and the number of solder joints at the beginning and the outer end of the inner side shall not be less than three points.

The inner solder joint spacing is no more than 75mm, and the outer solder joint spacing is 35-40mm. After the essential metal wound gasket is finished, the sealing surface must not be pre-stressed or otherwise processed.

After the process is completed, the metal wound gasket is inspected by the inspector.