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The necessity of metal wound gaskets in the use of industrial flanges
- 2019-03-29-

People who are in contact with industrial flanges know that the sealing requirements for flanges are very high, because the bearings are generally bearings, and the bearings are not easily disassembled during operation, so the metal The wound gasket has a great effect. Assuming that the sealing performance is not good, the butter inside may be leaking or other oil and gas may dry out.

How to use metal-wound gaskets in traditional mechanical equipment. When metal-wound gaskets are not presented, most companies often use parchment mats, which may not be necessary. For example, general locomotive manufacturers are mainly The requirements between the bearing housing and the flange of the drive wheel pair are applied to the sheepskin pad. First and foremost because the parchment pad is made for convenience and at a low price. However, the use of the parchment mat is relatively short. If the butter is sealed, the butter will dry out for more than a year. Generally, the general locomotive manufacturer chooses to carry out a comprehensive maintenance in a year or so, and it is also to increase the butter from scratch. . Although metal-wound gaskets are now available, many locomotives are still using parchment mats. Perhaps it is not necessary to be cool, but the first thing is to save money.

It is possible to temporarily use the paper pad or the pad on the locomotive's bearing housing and flange. It will not cause any problems in a short time. After a long time, it is still necessary to maintain and refuel from the beginning. But can some of the professions with higher sealing requirements do the same? For example, in the petrochemical industry, can we prevent the use of metal wound gaskets? Of course it is not possible. It is important to know that many oil spill accidents are caused by flange problems, but the main source of the leak is still the problem of the metal-wound gasket inside. Therefore, it is also necessary to use metal wound gaskets for flanges in electric power, ships, and pressure vessels.

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