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Main use of graphite packing
- 2019-03-29-

Graphite packing is used for weak acid and alkali, liquid ammonia, water, oil medium, valves, and static sealing and sealing. Fiber packing is a kind of pump, valve and anti-cannon seal suitable for all kinds of solvents, gasoline, water and liquid nitrogen medium. It has good thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance. Dynamic and static sealing under high speed working conditions). The PTFE packing is made of pure polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion resin, which is first made into a raw material film, and then weaved to form a packing by twisting. This kind of PTFE has no other additives and can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical, paper and chemical fiber, etc., which have high cleanliness requirements, and valves with strong corrosive media, and are not suitable for use on water pumps.

Graphite packing has excellent high-speed, high-modulus properties (known as man-made metal wires). Its strength is three times that of wire and its weight is five times lighter than wire. Therefore, compared with other types of packing, it can resist the granular crystallization medium and higher temperature. It can be used alone or in combination with other packings. It is suitable for the wearable medium containing solid particles. It is recommended for superheated steam and solvent. , liquefied gas, syrup and other easy-grinding fluids. It is a good asbestos replacement product on the pump system.

The high-water base is of high-quality ramie fiber, coated with graphite inside and outside, and fully immersed in special lubricating oil square weaving. The outstanding advantage is that the friction coefficient is extremely low, no shaft is worn, and corrosion is prevented. It can be used in the shipbuilding industry, cold water treatment, seawater and cold oil; low pressure valves, rotating equipment, and reciprocating pump hydraulic presses, ship propellers and other equipment. The referrals are used in general dynamic seals, low pressure valves, rotating equipment, and reciprocating pumps. Temperature ≦140 °C PH value: 2-12? Line speed: 10m/s Blower 15bar Mixer: 15bar Valve: 20bar Suitable for all kinds of water, seawater, salt water, oil, grease, weak acid, weak alkali and other media, especially Can withstand grinding. (This packing is divided into black and white by color).

Graphite packing is the continuation of the solid-phase carbonization reaction. The non-carbon elements mainly composed of nitrogen in the carbon fiber are simply overflowed, and the graphite fiber with a carbon content close to 100% is obtained. The release of nitrogen is the result of further condensation reaction of the small hexagonal carbon network plane, and the solid phase graphitization condensation reaction is possible. About 6% to 7% of the nitrogen is removed during the graphitization process, so many pore defects and pores in the overflow path are left, causing the porosity Vp to peak during the graphitization process. It can be seen that at about 2200 °C, the nitrogen is completely removed, so that the porosity appears. After 2200 °C, the porosity Vp drops sharply and the density rises sharply. The condensation denitrification reaction of the small aromatic ring is the main reaction in the graphite packing process. , bringing significant changes to the elemental composition, porosity and density of the fiber.