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Selection and installation points of metal wound gasket
- 2019-03-29-

Metal winding gasket purchase and equipment

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing metal wound gaskets :

1. Select the gasket according to the working conditions of the metal wound gasket and the flange sealing surface type.

2. Select the gasket of the production enterprise with sound quality management system that is sound and useful, and select the metal wound gasket of the enterprise that holds the type test report.

3. The outer surface of the metal wound gasket is not allowed to have any defects such as scratches, vacancies, irregularities and rust spots that affect the sealing function. The non-metallic strip on the outer surface of the metal-wound gasket should be evenly and appropriately raised beyond the metal strip. The texture between the layers should be clear, but the metal strip should not be exposed. The solder joint distance of the metal wound gasket should be uniform, and there should be no defects such as unfusion or over-melting. There should be no defects such as burrs, irregularities and rust spots on the outer surface of the ring. The distance between the upper and lower sealing surfaces of the main body of the metal wound gasket and the upper and lower outer surfaces of the reinforcing ring should be tightly fixed between the inner reinforcing ring and the main body of the gasket, and should not be loosened; The ring and the metal wound gasket body should be positioned and loosened properly.

4. Compression ratio, rebound rate and sealing function are important functional targets of the gasket. Generally speaking, under the premise of meeting the compression ratio requirement, the higher the rebound rate, the better; while meeting the requirements of the rebound rate specification. Under the premise, the test value of the compression ratio is also larger. Metal wound gaskets with good sealing function, moderate compression ratio and maximum rebound rate should be selected.

Pay attention to the following points when installing metal wound gaskets:

1. Carefully check the quality of the flanges, bolts, nuts and gaskets before the equipment, carefully check the condition of the flange or interface equipment, and whether there are any disadvantages such as eccentricity, wrong mouth, open mouth and wrong hole.

2. It is necessary to clean the surface of the flange or sealing part. Metal-wrapped gaskets and bolts and threads are not allowed to adhere to mechanical impurities.

3, metal wound gasket can not be biased, should ensure uniform pressure.

4. When the nut is tightened, the applied force is uniform, and the bolt should be symmetrically evenly divided into 2 to 3 times to make the metal wound gasket evenly pressed.