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Technical factors for the production of metal wound gaskets
- 2019-03-30-

Metal-wound gaskets have a lot of local attention in the practice-selected process. Metal-wound gaskets must be selected in a variety of different quality systems, and it is necessary to ensure that these products are relatively useful, and it is better to select some products with special equipment manufacturing certificates, which are in line with the needs of enterprises. .
What kind of metal-wound gasket appearance does not allow a series of defects that affect the product, such as the appearance of scratches, perhaps there is no other leisure, and there can be no unevenness, the entire metal winding mat The appearance of the film, all of them also have some residents' things, their texture structure is also very clear, together with the spacing of the solder joints of their pads is very uniform, there will be some fusion or other shortcomings, and will Enhance the appearance, there should be no burrs, perhaps unevenness, the sealing surface of the main body of the metal-wound gasket, together with different intervals, should firmly enhance the fastening effect between these different bodies, No looseness can occur.
Metal-wound gaskets are also subject to serious guidelines for their tightening rate and rebound rate. In general, under the condition of satisfactory tightening rate, the rebound rate is relatively high, and they are The flow of practice is completely different, and there is a different test of the tightening rate. In the process of selecting the practice, it is necessary to ensure that the sealing function and the tightening rate of the product are very suitable, and it is useful according to different working conditions. Choice.
Metal-wound gaskets have a certain degree of protection in some special mechanical operations, especially in many mechanical component interfaces and disassembly locations. There are relatively strong adaptability to many environmental needs. In view of the current market demand, there are some quality problems in the handling of many metal parts and the special parts processing, mainly the roughness caused by many machining and mechanical operations.
In order to solve these problems, many metal-wound gaskets have gradually completed the adaptability to the production environment through the modification of the digital machine tool and the skill processing category. In the face of different application and processing structures, the performance of the application is also It is very obvious to move forward. In the current market, the use of such equipment and skills is gradually becoming more sophisticated and regulated, and the performance in use has also been greatly enhanced.

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