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Metal wound gasket has the function of damping
- 2019-03-30-

Metal-wound gasket is a kind of protective pad made of special metal strips combined with other materials and processed and formed. It has a circular appearance and can be used in mechanical insertion points. The color is mainly yellow and black. Generally, the inner ring is black and the outer ring is yellow. This also indicates that the inner component of the metal wound gasket is graphite, and the primary information of the outer ring is A special metal composition.

As a well-functioning metal-wound gasket, the metal-wound gasket is strictly controlled in the production requirements of the sealing element, and the material selection is carefully selected. The raw material for its production has two main parts, one is the metal strip for wrapping and the filler between the metal strips. As a metal for wrapping, it is necessary to have a stainless steel strip with a smooth appearance. It is necessary for the internal filling material to have an outstanding pliable function and a thickness in cooperation with the metal strip. The sealing element is required to have an outstanding filling function, and after it is installed, it can be stretched to the place where the surface is not touched, and the possible voids can be added. Therefore, it is very important to avoid the filling according to the avoidance. When the metal wound gasket is produced, whether it is a metal strip or a filler between the metal strips, the shape and the ratio of the materials should be carefully designed.

Metal-wound gaskets are widely used in a variety of machines, and it is common for us to use a wide range of parts in the screw nut to cushion the nut to prevent the nut from falling. When the machine is working normally, the sensation is often unavoidable, and the machine is composed of many parts. Most of the joints require screws to connect and reinforce. In order to avoid loosening of the nut due to sensation during work, metal wound gaskets are often used as a preface for buffering. To get to work on the machine for a longer time.

The above is the full content of the metal-wound gasket with shock absorption. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions about the metal-wound gasket, you can call us and we will answer it as soon as possible.