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About the advantages of the octagonal pad
- 2019-03-30-

Maybe many people can't understand why a round or oval sealed octagonal pad is called an octagonal cushion. In fact, it is actually a circle and an oval from his appearance, but look closely at it. The cross section will reveal that it is actually a polygonal structure, the octagon, which is the source of its name. As the name suggests, it is mainly used to seal the inside of some containers and flanges and pipes. The materials inside the equipment sealed by the pipes are not easily leaked and lost.

Because of the special nature of the use environment, it has strict regulations on quality and performance, and it needs strong performance in corrosion resistance, rust resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, it is usually made of stainless steel in material selection. It is processed with carbon steel as the main material and assisted with other alloy materials processed by high temperature heat treatment. In the process of using the octagonal pad, because of its excellent performance of high temperature resistance, high pressure and corrosion resistance, it can exert its superior performance to maintain the normal operation of the mechanical equipment even if it is used in high temperature and corrosive conditions for a long time. On the road of continuous improvement and development, there have been many improved products, such as stainless steel octagonal pads, metal octagonal pads and high temperature octagonal pads.

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316, etc.

Shape: tooth shape, octagonal, oval

Scope of application: Temperature: -200-800 ° C Pressure: 0-40 MPa

Suitable for: high temperature, high pressure pipe flange sealing.

Toothed gasket, used for gaskets of pressure vessels, towers, tanks, valve covers, pipe flanges, etc., with graphite toothed pads for sealing of heat exchangers, towers, tanks, etc. Oval, octagonal, for gaskets for flanges, pressure vessels, bonnets, etc.

The main forms of octagonal gaskets:

R type, elliptical pad, R type octagonal pad

RX type octagonal pad can withstand pressure up to 700bar

BX type octagonal pad with high pressure resistance (up to 1500bar)

The above is about the advantages of the octagonal pad, thank you for your attention.