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Installation process and precautions for octagonal pads
- 2019-03-30-

Installation process and precautions for octagonal gasket :

1. Carefully review the requirements before selecting the good gasket equipment, and acknowledge that there are no defects before you can use it. If you want to use the metal octagonal gasket that was removed before, you need to trim, eliminate the defects, and anneal to eliminate stress before the equipment.

2. Before the octagonal gasket of the equipment, the sealing surface must be cleaned. The residual residue of the original gasket should be clean and clean. The internal impurities of carbon black, oil, residue and sealant should not be left inside. Do, no dents and radial scratches, no corrosion spots, etc., the sealing surface that does not meet the above requirements should be processed from the beginning until qualified.

3. Before installing the octagonal gasket, the graphite powder or the disulfide phase powder should be applied to the sealing surface, the double sided gasket, the threaded part of the connecting bolt and the fastening nut, etc.

4. The orientation of the gasket equipment on the sealing surface should be appropriate. It should not be extended obliquely inside the valve cavity or placed on the flange surface to prevent the formation of the stopper from being engaged when the sealing surface is tightened, and the uneven space near the flange. And so on.

5. When the equipment is octagonal gasket, only one sealing gasket can be equipped according to the sealed empty space. Generally, two or more gaskets should be added between the sealing surfaces to compensate the gap space between the sealing surfaces.

What are the octagonal gaskets in front of the unit and their performance characteristics?

1. View of the octagonal gasket:

(1) Whether the material, method, size, etc. meet the requirements;

(2) The surface of the gasket cannot exist due to mechanical damage, corrosion, wear and tear on the inside and outside;

(3) The way to choose metal octagonal gaskets and flange sealing surfaces is to get used to each other.

2, octagonal gasket performance characteristics:

(1) High temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, suitable for high pressure flanges;

(2) The seal is durable and reliable;

(3) Working conditions with habitual pressure and temperature fluctuations;

Octagonal metal ring pad application scale: generally used in high temperature and high pressure steam, gas, solvent pipe flange, tower tank, pressure vessel, high speed joint surface, high temperature and high pressure valve, cover. Wellhead equipment and seals on the tree in the oil and gas industry.