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Octagonal gaskets are available in a variety of materials for different operations
- 2019-03-30-

Metal octagonal gasket is made of casting and heat treatment and machining. It is a kind of metal gasket used for oil and gas pipe flange, pressure vessel, high speed joint surface, high temperature and high pressure valve cover, etc. In the case of shaking, it still maintains a good seal.

The octagonal ring pad is matched with the flange groove and is mainly used for surface contact. Compared with the elliptical ring pad, although it is not easy to reach the flange groove, it can be used again, and the cross section is composed of a straight line, which is simple to process.

The octagonal pads are available in a variety of materials to suit different planning and operational requirements and are fully compliant with ANSI B16.20.

The working conditions of the gas system medium are quite special. Although the actual operating parameters of the gas system such as temperature and pressure are not high, many of the media of the gas system are inherently flammable, explosive or even toxic, and if the sealing is bad, it will cause severe as a result of. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the gasket from a safety point of view.

Although the traditional asbestos rubber sheet has a certain degree of sealing, the data source is wide, the price is cheap, and it is convenient for on-site production. As a result, many applications in various industrial sectors, including gas systems, have been used. Following the development of modern industry, various industrial sectors, especially petrochemical systems (including gas systems), have placed higher demands on the function of gaskets. Because the information of asbestos rubber sheet is simply damaged by the corrosion of the petrochemical system medium, the damage will eventually affect the service life of the seal. Therefore, in the case of new information in the field of sealing, the use of the previous asbestos rubber sheet in petrochemical and gas systems It has become less and less, so the use of asbestos rubber as a gasket in the gas system should be considered comprehensively and carefully selected.

Teflon as a gasket, its stability to the medium is its outstanding strength, and in general, the sealing is also very good. The problem is that its inherent cold flow affects its use to a large extent. Especially in the case of high temperature, high pressure or when the pressure, temperature fluctuation or pipeline configuration is complicated, the stress relaxation due to cold flow will affect its sealing life. Therefore, such a gasket can generally be used after considering the requirements of the sealing at a normal temperature, a low pressure, or a temperature and pressure stability.