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Ramie packing

Ramie packing

Product Details

苎麻布根鹏诺 PN3100

The ramie fiber packing is made of high-quality ramie line treated with PTFE emulsion. It is fully impregnated with a lighter color special PTFE emulsion and a barrier agent in the square textile process. It will not pollute the product. It is less maintenance and easy to install. No damage to the pump shaft or valve stem. According to customer requirements, it can be molded into ramie fiber packing ring.

Equipment: All kinds of pumps, refining equipment, filters, valves, propellers and other wear-resistant environments are especially suitable for wearable media in paper mills.

Applicable medium: suitable for water, steam, sewage, grease, weak acid, and weak alkali, ethanol solution, grinding media.

Industry: Widely used in the brewing industry, paper, beverage, shipbuilding and specifically designated for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Medium: clean fluid or slurry, brine, grease, hydrocarbon, solvent, pulp

Product specifications: 3*3mm--70*70mm; special specifications or various non-standard products can be customized according to customer requirements

Main technical parameters of ramie fiber packing:

Temperature (Temperature) -50-130 (°C)

Pressure (Pressure) Rotary pump 5MPa, reciprocating pump 8MPa, valve 10MPa

Ph range 4~12

Line speed 10m/s