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Non-asbestos gasket

Non-asbestos gasket

Product Details

Non-asbestos gasket Peng Nuo PN1500

Non-asbestos gasket PN1500 is an excellent non-asbestos material based on the introduction of foreign advanced production technology. It is made of aramid fiber, high temperature resistant synthetic mineral fiber, oil resistant rubber and other materials. It has special properties such as temperature resistance, pressure resistance, oil resistance, excellent air tightness and compression resilience. It can be tested. A non-asbestos material that replaces imports. It is a 100% high-quality environmentally friendly material that does not contain asbestos. It has been exported to Europe and the United States and many other regions. Wires or graphite can be entrained according to customer requirements.

Application medium: various gases, water, water vapor, chemical solvents and various oils, etc.

Industry equipment: products are widely used in power generation, metallurgy, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other industrial applications. Water, steam, oil and other media sealing pipe flanges, valves, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, mechanical equipment and engines, compressors, internal combustion engines Industrial equipment such as machinery, instrumentation and heating.

At the same time, our company agents import the following non-asbestos materials: KLINGER (Australia), BELPA (Spain), FRENZELIT (Germany), VALQUA (Japan), DURABLA (Canada), NOVUS (UK), TESNIT (Europe)

Main features of non-asbestos gaskets:

1. One hundred percent does not contain asbestos, and new environmentally friendly materials can be exported to major developed regions such as Europe and America.

2. Good temperature resistance, pressure resistance and compression resilience

3. Wide applicability, oil resistance, medium resistance and air tightness.

4. Higher mechanical strength material is easy to cut and form.

Classification of asbestos-free gaskets:

1. Asbestos-free gaskets can be divided into two types according to the production process of the material: the roll press method produced by the CAF (production of compressed asbestos rubber sheet) method and the copy board produced by the copying method (paper making method). Belongs to the new environmentally friendly sealing products. Roller plates are generally used for pipe flange sealing, and ZD-G1500 is a type of roll plate. The plate is mainly used for sealing parts of motor vehicles such as engine gaskets, cylinder gaskets for internal combustion engines, and exhaust pipe gaskets.

2. According to the physical performance grade, it can be divided into three different grades of low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure, as well as special anti-asbestos gaskets such as oil resistance, acid resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, refrigeration refrigerant plate, airtight plate and marine sealing plate. On the basis of the above materials, it can be reinforced with wire, coated with graphite to increase temperature resistance, graphite-free non-asbestos graphite plate, etc. Other properties without asbestos board and various gaskets can be customized according to customers' special needs.

Non-asbestos gasket material specifications: ?

Roller plate width × length (mm): 1500 × 4500 1500 × 4000 1270 * 3810, can be cut; thickness (mm): 0.4 ~ 5.0?

The width of the plate is 1500; the whole multiple of the length is 50000; the thickness (mm): 0.3~1.2

Can the special specifications be agreed with the customer?

※ All products with a thickness of 0.8mm or more can be reinforced with clip wire mesh, can be coated with graphite and double-sided anti-stick treatment, the color can be customized according to customer requirements.

Physical properties of non-asbestos gasket materials:

Product grade Non-asbestos gasket material composition Application condition Product Features Scope of application

PN1500 Made of acrylic fiber pulp, cellulose fiber and inorganic fiber and elastic binder by high temperature and high pressure rolling High operating temperature 150 ° C, long-term use temperature 120 ° C, pressure <> Has good pressure resistance, sealing, can be treated with anti-stick cylinder, can make strong wire mesh and graphite coated non-asbestos gasket Suitable for machinery, equipment, pipe flanges for water, hot water, general gas, weak acid, weak alkali, oil, etc.

PN1520 Higher content of aramid fiber, other composite fiber and nitrile rubber Recommended high temperature of 250 ° C, long-term use temperature of 200 ° C, pressure <> Has good sealing performance and chemical resistance, can be made of wire mesh strong and graphite coated non-asbestos gasket Mainly used for air, water, sea water, hot water, steam, petroleum oil and medium strength acid and alkali.

PN1530 Made of aramid pulp fiber, oil resistant rubber, environmentally friendly filler, pressed by high temperature and high pressure Recommended high temperature 400 ° C, long-term use temperature 250 ° C, pressure <> Very good non-asbestos sealing material, low temperature creep, good safety under medium and high pressure environment, strong wire mesh and graphite coated non-asbestos gasket It is mainly used for sealing oil, water, gas, steam, and general chemical media, and can also be used for motorcycles and automobile engines.

PN1540 Made of aramid pulp, carbon fiber, oil resistant rubber, environmentally friendly filler, pressed by high temperature and high pressure Recommended high temperature of 500 ° C, long-term use temperature -50-300 ° C, pressure <> Good oil resistance, pressure resistance, temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, strong wire mesh and graphite coated non-asbestos gasket Suitable for air, water, and various oils, such as machinery, equipment, pipe flanges, and engine operating conditions

PN1550 Made of graphite powder, aramid fiber, mineral fiber and nitrile rubber by high temperature and high pressure rolling Recommended high temperature 350 ° C, long-term use temperature 300 ° C, pressure <> Good compression resilience, excellent oil and acid resistance, can make wire mesh strong asbestos-free gasket Mainly used for air, water, sea water, hot water, steam, petroleum oil and medium strength acid and alkali.

Foreign non-asbestos board and gasket standard status:

GB/T 9129-2003|Technical conditions for non-metallic flat gaskets for pipe flanges?

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Japan JIS-3453-2001 JOINT SHEET

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British BS7531-2006 rubber fiberboard for industrial and aerospace

Korea KSV0712-1997 Non-asbestos gasket selection criteria for marine cargo