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Graphite corrugated strip

Graphite corrugated strip

Product Details

Graphite corrugated belt Penni PN5100

The flexible graphite corrugated belt uses a high-precision CNC lathe to cut the graphite coil into a strip shape with a special cutter, and then rolls it into a corrugated shape through a special pattern pressing roller. The shape of the corrugations can be selected according to customer requirements. Different grades can be used for the graphite used. For the convenience of use, a side adhesive is generally used. Compared with the traditional graphite strip, the precision is higher, the damage to the graphite coil is less, and the cutting part is smooth and burr-free.

Performance characteristics:

1. Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance.

2. Excellent chemical resistance.

3. Have good self-lubricating properties.

4. The rebound rate is high.

5. Easy to use and low cost.

Applicable medium:

Hot water, high temperature, high pressure, steam, heat exchange medium, ammonia, hydrogen, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids, etc.

Application range:

· Graphite corrugated tape can usually be used as metal toothed gasket or corrugated gasket surface adhesive material

·Emergency measures during on-site repairs, used as fillers in pumps, valves, static and dynamic sealing parts?

·Wrap the graphite tape directly on the shaft of the pump and valve and use it as a filler.

Common specifications: common specifications thickness 0.25-1mm, width 5-100mm, length: 5000~20000mm, special specifications or various non-standard products can be customized according to customer requirements