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PTFE packing

PTFE packing

Product Details

PTFE packing Peng Nuo PN3400

Pure PTFE packing is woven from pure PTFE fiber and is not treated with PTFE emulsion and grease. Because it is made of solid woven and flexible and adjustable, it can be well matched with shaft and stuffing box. It has excellent corrosion resistance, good self-lubricating and anti-adhesive properties. It is recommended for chemical, food, etc. It allows for contaminated operations and can also be used for all chemical media except soluble alkali metals. According to customer requirements, it can be molded into pure PTFE packing ring such as: ZD-RP1200


Used in various complicated conditions such as valves, reciprocating pumps, rotary pumps, mixers, mixers, etc.


Food industry, medicine, paper, chemical fiber, fine chemicals, etc. are not allowed to be polluted.


Suitable for all media other than molten alkali metal and free fluoride ion.

Product specifications: 3*3mm--70*70mm; special specifications or various non-standard products can be customized according to customer requirements

The main technical parameters of pure PTFE packing:

Temperature (Temperature) 260 ° C

Pressure (rotation pump) 5MPa, reciprocating pump 15MPa, valve 25MPa

Ph range (PH range) 0-14

Linear speed 20m/s