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Graphite filler

Graphite filler

Product Details

Flexible Graphite Packing Cyclone PN4400

The graphite packing ring is formed by molding a low-sulfur expanded graphite having a purity of more than 98%. Usually the cross section of the filler is square. It can also be wedge or V-shaped. The wedge shape and the V shape are usually due to the high pressure portion. To adapt to more different pressure requirements. Wires can be added to the graphite packing ring or covered with metal foil. At the same time, oxidation can be placed. Zinc powder can also be added to form a corrosion-inhibiting graphite packing ring.

Graphite packing ring category:

Ordinary graphite cotton sheet packing ring: pure graphite die-casting.

Reinforced graphite packing ring: The inner lining material is stainless steel foil. Net or other metal reinforcement. To prevent oxidation. The design with stainless steel cap is more obvious.

Corrosion-resistant graphite packing ring: Sacrificial anode preservative is added to the graphite packing ring. Such as: zinc powder. It can effectively protect the stem and packing.

Application areas:

1. The graphite packing ring has various properties of expanded graphite. Can withstand severe pressure and temperature changes,

2. Graphite packing ring is an ideal packing for valves and various static seals.

3. Avoid using the valve stem except when it is severely damaged. The graphite packing ring can be used alone. It is also possible to form a combined stuffing box with high carbon fiber packing. Prevents the extrusion of the filler.

Graphite ring performance characteristics:

1. The graphite packing ring is molded by low-sulfur expanded graphite; 2. The size is accurate and the density is controllable;

3. No external filler or adhesive; 4. No need for anti-corrosion treatment.