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Rubber O-ring Penn PN2500

Rubber O-rings (O-rings) are rubber seals with a circular cross section. Because they have an O-shaped cross section, they are called O-rings, also called O-rings. Beginning in the mid-19th century, when it was used as a sealing element for steam engine cylinders

Products used in automotive, sensors, medical, pharmaceutical, valves, pumps, sanitary, bearings, electrical, and other industries.

Rubber O-rings Scope: O-rings are suitable for installation on a variety of mechanical equipment, in a specified temperature, pressure, and different liquid and gaseous media, in a static or moving state to seal. In the machine tools, ships, automobiles, aerospace equipment, metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, plastic machinery, agricultural machinery, and various types of instruments, a large number of types of seals are applied. element. O-rings are mainly used for static and reciprocating seals. For rotary motion seals, only for low speed rotary seals. O-rings are generally mounted in a groove with a rectangular cross section on the outer or inner circle to seal. O-ring seals still have good sealing and shock absorption in oil, acid, alkali, grinding and chemical corrosion. Therefore, O-rings are a wide range of seals used in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems.

Rubber material description: (common materials)

Nitrile rubber (letter stands for NBR) heat resistance 120 degrees oil resistance good wear resistance, oil resistance

Silicone material (letter stands for VMQ) heat resistant 220 degrees oil resistant general environmentally friendly non-toxic temperature resistant

Fluorine rubber (letter stands for FKM) heat resistance 260 degrees oil resistance good wear resistance pressure resistance high temperature

Common standards for rubber O-rings:

Execution standard: GB1235-76 specification means: outer diameter * wire diameter? wire diameter: section size

Execution standard: GB3452.1-82 specification means: inner diameter * wire diameter? wire diameter: section size