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Packing extractor

Packing extractor

Product Details

Packing tool Pengnuo PN5300

The packing tool is in the form of a portable toolbox with 23 standard sets. The main configuration is: flexible removable handle, rigid hook, thread drill, curved crochet.

Before using the combination packing tool, a different length of the tie rod and the corresponding size crochet wrench should be selected according to the size of the packing to assemble a packing lifting tool, and then the cone is screwed into the two points of the packing pair, and the rotation is respectively rotated. Week, proceed as follows:

1. Pull the packing: Pull out the packing with one hand and one handle. (Note that both hands are evenly applied)

2. Add packing: Before installing the packing, be sure to select the matching packing according to the specific working conditions. After adding the packing of each turn, slowly press along the surrounding or bearing packing and install it to The correct location.

Main products of packing tools: packing tools, packing extractor

The packing cutter is simple to operate, smart and lightweight, and can be carried around. It can cut all kinds of packings into 45 degrees and 90 degrees, which can help you get better work.

23 standard sets:

6 flexible handles with detachable cones; 3 rigid cleaning hooks; 9 spiral cones; 3 wood screw-shaped cones; 1 wrench; 1 dustproof toolbox;

No. Name Specification Performance Bottom Quantity (piece)

A1 Flexible Handling Handle 320MM Flexible Tie Rod Flexible Handling 2

A2 Flexible Handling Handle 260MM Flexible Tie Rod Flexible Handling 2

A3 Flexible Handling Handle 145MM Flexible Tie Rod Flexible Handling 2

A4 rigid hook Φ8MM rigid

A5 rigid hook Φ5MM rigid

A6 rigid hook Φ4MM rigid

A7 curved crochet Φ10MM curved flexible handling 3

A8 curved crochet Φ8MM curved flexible handling 3

A9 curved crochet Φ6MM curved flexible handling 3

A10 thread drill bit Φ10MM straight type flexible loading and unloading 1

A11 thread drill bit Φ8MM straight type flexible loading and unloading 1

A12 thread drill bit Φ6MM straight type flexible loading and unloading 1

A13 wrench M6/8 practical flexibility 1

A14 Dust Toolbox 13" Durable Durable 1

The use of various standard accessories:

● Removable cone head-----spiral cone head for most packing

● Removable cone head-----wood screw-shaped cone head for hard packing

● O-ring extractor-----Special shackle design, excellent effect and no damage.

●Steel cleaning hook ------ used to clean brittle packing