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Metal coated gasket

Metal coated gasket

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Metal coated gasket Peng Nuo PN1200

The metal-clad gasket is a composite gasket composed of a non-metallic material as a core material and a metal sheet of 0.25-0.5 mm coated with a specific cold working process. And corrugated type coating, is a traditional type of sealing gasket, metal sheet can be selected according to the elastoplasticity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the material, mainly brass, aluminum, soft iron, stainless steel, Monel Alloys, titanium, etc., non-asbestos core materials generally include asbestos rubber sheets, non-asbestos sheets, polytetrafluoroethylene sheets, graphite composite sheets, ceramic fiber sheets, and the like. According to different materials, it can be combined into 304 stainless steel asbestos coated gaskets, stainless steel coated graphite coated gaskets and other forms.

Metal coated gasket performance characteristics:

1. It has the same corrosion resistance and similar heat resistance as the coated metal.

2. Non-metallic flexible filling material enables the gasket to achieve a better sealing effect at a lower pressing force.

3. Can be made into various forms of shaped gaskets, such as oval, square ribbed or more complex shapes to meet the needs of various heat exchanger tubes and non-circular pressure vessel seals.

4. Compared with non-metallic soft gaskets, metal-coated gaskets are not easily damaged, non-stick, or corroded on flange sealing surfaces under frequent disassembly conditions, and have high strength.

Metal coated gaskets: Suitable for medium and high temperature, medium and high pressure diameter pressure vessels (such as heat exchangers, reactors, etc.), pipeline flange seals and various media pumps, valves, pipes and Flange seals for all types of equipment.

Related standards:

HG/T 20630-2009|Metal coated gasket for steel pipe flanges (American Series Class)?

HG/T 20609-2009|Metal coated gasket for steel pipe flanges (European system PN series)?

JB/T4706-2000|Metal gasket for pressure vessel flange

NB/T47026-2012|Metal gasket for pressure vessel flange

JB/T8559-97|Metal Pack Gasket

Available in any standard and non-standard sizes, including ASME, DIN, JIS, and other standards. Shaped gaskets of round and square shape are available, and reinforced strip-shaped metal-clad gaskets are available upon request.