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Aramid angle PTFE packing

Aramid angle PTFE packing

Product Details

Aramid Angle PTFE Packing Pengno PN3500

Aramid angle PTFE packing

Performance characteristics: Synthetic fiber (organic cross-linking) white PTFE packing is a multi-wire combination packing, the corner line is reinforced by the PTFE coated with PTFE, and the sealing body is woven by pure PTFE. This structure not only compensates for the lubricity of the aramid, but also increases the strength of the tetrafluoro. Synthetic fiber (organic cross-linking) white PTFE packing is mainly designed for high-pressure reciprocating pumps, medium-speed centrifugal pumps and valves. According to customer requirements, it can be molded into a synthetic fiber wrap angle PTFE packing ring.

Equipment: Universal packing, especially suitable for high pressure valves, plunger pumps, mixers, mixers, etc.

Applicable medium: It can be used for all media except fuming sulfuric acid, fuming nitric acid, aqua regia, fluorine and other strong oxidants. It is the packing of food, medicine and health industry.

Industry: Food industry, medicine, paper, chemical fiber, fine chemicals, etc. are not allowed to be polluted.

Product specifications: 3*3mm--70*70mm; special specifications or various non-standard products can be customized according to customer requirements

Main technical parameters of aramid angle PTFE packing:

Temperature (Temperature) -100-250(°C)

Pressure (Pressure) Rotary pump 3MPa, reciprocating pump 10MPa, valve 20MPa

Ph range 0 to 14 (except strong oxidizing agents)

Line speed 18m/s