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Gasket cutter

Gasket cutter

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Gasket cutter Pengnuo PN5400

The new gasket cutter is a new and cheap gasket cutting tool developed by the company. The function of the gasket can be compared with the same type of gasket cutter in foreign countries. It mainly consists of: gasket cutting blade, gasket punching tool, Hexagon wrench, rotary pressure control button, control rocker, ruler and other components. The new gasket cutting tool is easy to operate and can be fixed on the working platform for cutting. It can also be cut at the repair site anytime and anywhere. With one person shaking the handle, it is easy to cut out the various specifications of the gasket. The gasket has a beautiful appearance, precise dimensions and neat edges. It can cut any asbestos rubber, non-asbestos fiber material, PTFE, rubber material, graphite plate and other gasket materials.

Advantages of the general simple gasket cutting tool:

It can easily cut thick or hard material, can cut the gasket accurately, and cut the same size gasket. It can be determined by cutting the outer diameter and then cutting the inner diameter. The gasket of the same specification does not need to be re-sized. Saving time and effort is an indispensable tool for professional maintenance personnel, and the price is only 1/4 of the same foreign products. Really the standard of cheap and good quality.

There are mainly cutting blades, hand-feeding rods, rotary pressure-control blocks, punching tools, hex wrenches, rulers and so on. ?

Can cut any non-metallic gasket: fiber material, rubber material, PTFE material, graphite board, etc. The cut-out gasket has a beautiful appearance, neat edges and precise dimensions. ?

Simple operation: Only one person is needed to place the gasket cutter on the workbench. Or at any time and place for repairs? On-site cutting. ?

Advantages of cutting: It can easily and accurately cut high-strength thick gaskets. If the gasket of the same size is repeatedly cut, the inner and outer diameter dimensions can be determined in one operation without repeating the size. ?

model length weight Gasket cutting range

PN5400-1500 120cm About 7.0kg Φ 60-1500mm