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Toothed gasket

Toothed gasket

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Tooth-shaped combination gasket Peng Nuo PN1700

The metal toothed combination gasket belongs to a metal composite gasket, which is generally processed by a precision lathe or a special milling machine on the two sides of the metal flat gasket into a concentric 90-degree angle to form a corrugated groove of the waveform, due to other The contact of the sealing surface is a line contact of a plurality of concentric circles, so it has a labyrinth sealing function. According to different media and working conditions, flexible graphite, PTFE, non-asbestos board or some other soft metal may be selected and pasted on the gasket. The surface is protected by the tightness of the soft cover layer and the strength and elasticity of the metal to achieve a better sealing effect. In most cases, we recommend graphite as the sealing layer, when the medium reacts to graphite or requires a clean environment. We recommend the selection of a recently introduced expanded PTFE as an adhesive layer, which generally does not require a large pressing force to achieve a sealing effect.

The toothed combination gasket can also be used directly without the cover sealing layer, and can also achieve a good sealing effect, but it is easy to damage the surface of the flange in a high pressure occasion. Therefore, it is generally required that the roughness of the sealing surface is above Ra1.6um.

Special working conditions such as extremely high temperature, strong corrosion, etc. Need special material metal toothed combination gasket. We can also produce the following special materials:

Stainless steel 304L, 321, 316TI, 309, 347, 410, duplex steel (2205, 31803), Monel MONEL (400), indium nickel INCONEL (600, 625), INCOLOY (800, 825), Hastelloy HASTELLO (B2, C276) , special stainless steel or alloy materials such as titanium (T2).

Metal toothed combination gasket performance characteristics:

1. Low pre-tightening force, even in high pressure environment, it has good sealing effect, especially suitable for high temperature, high pressure, and the conditions of alternating working conditions are traditional metal wound gasket and metal coated gasket. An ideal substitute.

2. The metal toothed combination gasket does not damage the sealing surface and is easy to disassemble.

3. The metal tooth part can be reused. This is of great significance for larger gaskets or special material gaskets such as heat exchanger gaskets.

Metal toothed combination gasket application range:

Tooth-shaped combination gaskets are mainly used in medium, high pressure and high temperature pressure vessels in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, machinery and other industries, and the joints of heat exchangers, condensers and pipeline flanges are sealed.

Technical standard for metal toothed combination gaskets:

1. Foreign standards for metal toothed combination gaskets are: ASME B 16.5, BS1560, ASME B 16.47, BS EN1092, DIN2697, JIS and NF.

2. The domestic standard has JB/T 88-1994 standard for mechanical parts of metal toothed gaskets for pipeline flanges.

HB 6474-1990|Toothed washers? Aerospace Standards

HG20611-2009 Tooth-shaped combination gasket for steel pipe flanges

HG20632-2009 Tooth-shaped combination gasket for steel pipe flanges