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Expanded PTFE belt

Expanded PTFE belt

Product Details

Expanded PTFE belt Penguin PN5200

PN5200 expanded PTFE sealing tape, also known as expanded PTFE interface belt, is a universal gasket that can be safely and effectively used in various corrosion-resistant and high-purity applications such as plastics, stainless steel, enamel and other flanges. It is a continuous strip of 100% PTFE white pure PTFE product, without any filler, and has high safety. Its microcellular structure has lower compressive creep and cold flow properties than other tetrafluoro articles. Its flexibility, compression resilience, creep resistance, high and low temperature resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, non-aging, self-lubricating properties make it excellent in sealing performance. It comes with adhesive and can be made on site. The gasket of any shape can be easily installed without prior preparation. Compared with ordinary stamping gaskets, it saves lead time and corner cost. It is an ideal sealing material for chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries.

Common specifications for PTFE belt:

Width: 3-100mm Thickness: 1-10mm Length: 3-30m

Common physical parameters of PTFE belt:

Density: 0.75g/cm3

Tensile strength: ≤8.0Mpa

Applicable temperature: -100~280°C

Applicable pressure: 14Mpa gas, 20Mpa liquid

PH value: 0 to 14 (except molten metal, and liquid gaseous fluorine)

Preload pressure: Min8-20Mpa

Stress relaxation rate: ≤40%

Average particle size: 500um

Melting point: 327C

FDA compliant (FDA21? CFR177.1550)

Characteristics of PTFE belt : long-term storage will not deteriorate and no pollution.

Easy to install, easy to cut, and adhesive design.

Tough and soft, easy to bend, it can be turned into a thin and wide strip when pressed.

Suitable for flange face sealing of various pipe and pipe fittings.

An airtight, watertight entangled dense fiberized sealing material is formed under preloading pressure.

High chemical resistance

Honeycomb pure PTFE, compound FDA requirements

Low creep and cold flow performance

Applicable medium:

All chemical substances except elemental fluorine and molten alkali metal.

Application range:

1, a variety of enamel lining, glass lining, plastic lining, graphite lining and stainless steel, titanium steel towers, heat exchangers, reactors and other flange surface sealing.

2. Flange surface sealing of various pipes and pipe fittings.

3, the surface processing accuracy is poor, the uneven area is large, the shape is irregular, the bolt fastening force is not easy to use the flange surface seal of the large diameter equipment that is not enough or not too large.

4. Strongly corrosive media and seals of fluids that cannot be contaminated.

Standard status of expanded PTFE tape gasket:

JB/T 10689-2006|Technical conditions for expanded polytetrafluoroethylene sealing tape

HG/T 2900-1997|Test method for bulk density of polytetrafluoroethylene resin

Available in any standard and non-standard sizes, including ASME, DIN, JIS, and other standards. It can provide round and square shaped strip gaskets, and can provide various kinds of expanded graphite strips, PTFE valve stem packing, graphite corrugated strip and other strip gaskets as needed.